Change the World

Clickbait articles and motivational ministers inspire us to believe a nominally priced training or the reading of a single book can position us to” change the world.” It’s ironic to think how Jesus, the only one who could have radically changed the world in a moment, never endorsed such a sentiment. He never fueled his disciples with big dreams of being world changers. He directly dealt with the condition of each one’s heart. This was and is His strategy in changing humanity. He took the time to teach each believer how to know and obey the Father. He did this while dismissing the fanfare of popularity. The result was faithful, life-sacrificing disciples.
Could it be our obsession with promoting a band-wagon faith that has produced converts who are swayed by every wind of cultural persuasion? The next time you feel inspired to “change the world,” ask yourself, “what is God asking me to change about myself?” If we desire to follow Him, it begins with self-denial.

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