Impartation- a myth about spiritual growth.

Impartation. We’ve all eagerly hoped for a spiritual leader to pray for us and impart something transformational into our soul. Unfortunately, the hope for a five-minute prayer of power has caused many to miss out on the substantial impact of the prophetic act of impartation. Consider these two often-cited examples as we investigate this practice. … More Impartation- a myth about spiritual growth.

Am I Growing?

In book after book, each author hinted to common milestones of character development  they had experienced. Over the years I’ve found their writings to be true. What are these indicators of growth? … More Am I Growing?

The Good News

If we regularly are conscious of our mistakes we are not believing in the sacrifice for sin that Christ made. We have been given a way to live free of the influence of sin in our thoughts. (Hebrews 10:2) The good news is this. Christ’s sacrifice opened to us the reality in which we don’t … More The Good News