This is the Life

“This is the life!” She gleefully declared. She was a tourist relaxing in a casually perched corner hammock overlooking a scenic blue ocean. My wife and I were seated near her awaiting our seafood lunch order. I couldn’t help but considering, “is this the life?” I don’t know anything about our fellow restaurant patron, but … More This is the Life

Don’t Judge Me!

“Don’t’ judge me!” We hear it with growing frequency. Behind the statement there is a semblance of truth. Many use the passage in Luke 6:37 to imply that no one has the right to make a moral judgment on their personal behavior. If the meaning in Jesus’ statement of, “judge not unless you be judged,” … More Don’t Judge Me!

Is being “Slain in the Spirit” Biblical?

As you may have guessed, there’s much contention regarding this phenomenon of being “slain in the Spirit.” Is this a Biblical response to God’s presence?   Some write it off as a sensationalistic response while others categorize it as a demonic or manipulative practice. In Charismatic/ Pentecostal circles it is believed that when someone is … More Is being “Slain in the Spirit” Biblical?

God of Miracles

  Incredible stories of miraculous healings and deliverances are being repeatedly reported within in our community. Over the past few months, I’ve been amazed at the bold steps that been have been taken to see Jesus intervene in impossible situations. From interactions in Walmart, to salvations in Starbucks, to miracles in grocery store aisles, Holy … More God of Miracles

Son of God

There is an incredible reality that you can experience as an “heir” of God. That means all that belongs to the Father in this world and in the world to come has been given to you as His heir. Every concern of lack, hopelessness, sickness, or despair can be swallowed up in this reality. You … More Son of God