Disappointment after the Shack

The age-old heresy of Universalism has crept out of Young’s fictional world into the reality of his ideology. … More Disappointment after the Shack


What Really Works?

I was a young preacher looking for the silver-bullet solution to grow a small youth group. I started with no formal training, but I had a lifetime of a preacher’s-kid experience to draw upon. I knew how mundane church life could be. Because of this, I began seeking answers; I needed to reach more teenagers. … More What Really Works?

Freedom Crusade

Hours before sunlight crept upward into the morning sky, our team busily gathered for breakfast in the hotel café. It was the last day of our mission trip and our crew of ministers, musicians, intercessors, and mission-trip-junkies gathered for a final meal. Among the chatter, I heard shouts of joy and applause as we recounted … More Freedom Crusade