Where is God?

In heavy mud boots I crawled out a window onto my front porch. The early morning rains and blasts of cold air extinguished the warmth I felt under my jacket. Minuets later floodwaters poured into our home. I stumbled from the porch and sank deeper into the chilling current. Waist deep in the dark water … More Where is God?

Break the cycle

“This year I’m going to…” I’ve repeated that resolution in a self-affirming voice to myself. I’ve declared my Rubicon crossing many a January and often met the inevitable failure that follows. From resolutions of learning languages to healthy workout plans, my aspirations, vainly linked to a changing calendar date, have been common. The cycle of … More Break the cycle

This is the Life

“This is the life!” She gleefully declared. She was a tourist relaxing in a casually perched corner hammock overlooking a scenic blue ocean. My wife and I were seated near her awaiting our seafood lunch order. I couldn’t help but considering, “is this the life?” I don’t know anything about our fellow restaurant patron, but … More This is the Life

Don’t Judge Me!

“Don’t’ judge me!” We hear it with growing frequency. Behind the statement there is a semblance of truth. Many use the passage in Luke 6:37 to imply that no one has the right to make a moral judgment on their personal behavior. If the meaning in Jesus’ statement of, “judge not unless you be judged,” … More Don’t Judge Me!