The Good News

If we regularly are conscious of our mistakes we are not believing in the sacrifice for sin that Christ made. We have been given a way to live free of the influence of sin in our thoughts. (Hebrews 10:2) The good news is this. Christ’s sacrifice opened to us the reality in which we don’t … More The Good News

Rains of change

On the back porch this morning, watching the rain drizzle down. The hard clay and soil of our yard hesitantly drinks in the much needed water. But the rain continues. In the scriptures rain often signaled God’s favorable response to Israel’s repentance. Repentance produced rain and a subsequent agricultural bounty to feed a nation. As … More Rains of change

Where is God?​

In mud boots, I crawled out a window onto my front porch. The early morning rains and blasts of cold air extinguished the warmth I felt under my jacket. Minuets later floodwaters poured into our home. I stumbled from the porch and sank deeper into the chilling current. Waist deep in the dark water I … More Where is God?​