We needed help. What kind of help? Not a pat-on-the-back affirmation but a grueling rescue from the deplorable darkness of a sin’s deep pit. Mankind’s vile lust for independence deteriorated innocence into sensual perversion, pride, and blinding deception. This demise is not only the historical narrative of civilization before Jesus’ advent, but it reflects the personal story of each soul. Let’s be honest; we don’t know how broken we are.

In the still moments of the night when all the rush of activity has faded, we ask the common eternal questions. “Do I matter? Is there a purpose for my life?” “How can I find lasting satisfaction?” Each of these questions demands deep and careful consideration. These questions push us toward a hope for a transcendent meaning, to find fulfillment that beckons beyond our momentary need for happiness.

To our questions, God responded not with a mystic riddle or books of ancient sayings. God responded by pushing back the curtains of time and matter and stepping into our world. He clothed Himself in human bones and tissue to live among us, to respond to our deepest longings.

His answers are not only for our intellectual appeasement. No, they require that we believe His words and abandon our autonomy in obedience to His life-giving direction. He gave us Himself so we could see God for who He is. In experiencing Him, the longings of our soul can find rest. This is the joy we celebrate this Christmas day. This is why the angels declared peace had come to earth. God became like us so we could become like Him. He put on our human nature so we could put on His divine and fulfilling identity. This is the reason for joy and why many declare “Merry Christmas.”

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