Follow Jesus

Dear follower of Jesus, it is time to throw off the cultural mood swings and chains of popular opinions and return to preaching and living the message of Jesus. His message is one of eternal hope and life in exchange for sin’s depravity and bondage. It is time for the gospel’s power to be broadcast clearly from the church into every home in our community.

Following Jesus means leaving behind the confusion of this age. How do you begin? Lay aside all the voices of the media, social platforms, and spend time with Jesus. When He steps into your room and begins to talk to you, your daily purpose will be made clear.

We don’t need any more well-crafted theories on how our society can be remedied by the futile efforts of unity and resolve. People are broken, and the only remedy for the human disorder is Jesus. Outside of a relationship with Him, the hope of a joyful existence will prove to be vain.

If you passionately pursue Jesus today, the lives of those who need Him most can be greatly impacted. However, there’s no convenient way to let go of your comfortable lifestyle and pursue Him. Following Jesus will cost you everything- every vain hope, self-indulgence, and even your nominal plans which have no eternal consequence must be surrendered. Laying down your life is the only way to take up His life. Today, Jesus is looking for those devoted to His passion of bringing His kingdom into our broken reality. (Luke 9:23



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