Rains of Change

On the back porch this morning, watching the rain drizzle down. The hard clay and soil of our yard slowly drank in the much-needed water.

In the scriptures, rain often signaled God’s favorable response to Israel’s repentance. Repentance produced rain and a subsequent agricultural bounty to feed a nation. As the rain continues this week, may it remind you of the Father’s favor and keep you in a place of sensitivity to His voice. As your pace of travel delays due to rain, take a moment to pause and ask Holy Spirit what He is saying to you. Soak in the nourishment of His voice. May it replenish your heart and grow in you His character. His nature at work in us is the daily bread our community needs.

Hear Him speak to you this week and allow His thoughts to change your own. Let Him soften a hardened heart of pride and fear into a pliable one that is eager to respond to His words.
The more you hear and obey His voice, the more you will find yourself growing into the fullness of who you are in Him. #GodChaser

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