Thugs and Scandalous Women

lonely “Verily I say unto you, That the publicans and the harlots go into the kingdom of God before you.”
This comment made by Jesus to the religious minds of his day revealed a devastating truth. When I begin to validate my righteousness or qualifications to be in relationship with Him on my ability to keep His word, act well, or even look godly, there goes another thug or scandalous woman right past me into the kingdom of Heaven.
It’s so easy to judge in our hearts other people’s qualifications or lack of integrity in their walk with Jesus, but in doing so we are missing the whole point of salvation by grace. Those who are broken in lifestyles of depravity are, according to Jesus, more eligible to see and enter into His kingdom. Those whom “good Christians” for the most part despise, God says, hold the simple key of realizing their depraved nature and relying fully up on him.
Grace has an all-demanding qualification. To enter into the power and benefit of His kingdom, we have to disarm our mind of self-promoting ideas and fall fully on His love. Rather than lifting ourselves up by false comparisons to “less godly” people or touting our years of service to Jesus as some sort of qualification for others to respect, we must pull our perception to the reality that we daily must fall on His grace for living. This heart attitude always leads to thankfulness rather than self-exaltation.
The heart that daily sees and draws on Jesus’ love will find it easy to love anyone. The moment we start making a qualification process in our thoughts for those whom we will show love to, we must realize that we are allowing pride to cut off the power of God’s love that desires to work through us.
If you say you want to see the supernatural power of God work through you, what you truly must pursue is to allow the supernatural love of God to work through you. Loving the not-so-lovable, the ones who hurt you, the ones who have little to offer and a great ability receive unconditional love; they are the ones to whom God will demonstrate His power to. Can he do it through you?

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