A Search for Significance

If you find yourself often needing the validation of friends and social media contacts, you may need to evaluate if your “need” has grown into a demanding idol of self-worship. When Jesus invites us to deny ourselves, it isn’t a mere spiritual mandate. (Matthew 16:24) He offered us a way to silence the voices of self-worship in our thoughts. If you find yourself spending more time promoting your opinion than making disciples and spending time with the Father, then it isn’t Jesus who is your Lord. You are bowing to the idol of self. This idolatry is as ancient as Eve’s reasoning in Eden. Her opinion was rooted in the counsel of self-benefit. The enemy, through the guise of an inquisitive snake, told her that she was missing out because God was holding out on her. She believed the lie and initiated the fall of humanity into the pit of self-worship.

Today you hear the philosophy of self-worship in comments like, “Everyone has a right to their opinion,” or “if it feels right to you, then do it.” Even in church circles, I’ve heard the superficial advice of, “God won’t lead you to do something that makes you uncomfortable.” Yes. Yes, He will. God will move heaven and earth to de-throne your idols. (Philippians 2:10) He plans to bring humanity into this undeniable reality- joy and fulfillment come only from Him. We can find our feelings of value and worth only in Him. Every pathway that offers a sense of meaning or pleasure outside of Jesus leads to a dead-end of pride and misery.

Take a step in the right direction by refusing to build your sense of worth on the opinions of others. Cancel the time-absorbing hours of self-promotion and humble your heart to serve Jesus by giving your time, energy, and abilities to serve others. What does this look like? It looks like finding ways to help others and not making a social media broadcast of it. It looks like taking the time to faithfully do your job and not seek the accolades of co-workers or supervisors. It looks like doing what you do for Jesus and seeking only His nod of approval. (Colossians 3:23).

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